Shingles Pictures – Below you will find a collection of shingles pictures in various stages of the disease.   Shingles starts out as a tingling sensation on the skin, manifesting itself later as a rash which then blisters as shown in the shingles pictures below.  The blisters will begin with a clear fluid as shown in picture number two, but after a week or so the fluid will become milky.  The blisters will then burst as shown in image number three, and will crust over and eventually heal.

Almost 90% of all adults have had chickenpox and are carrying the virus varicella zoster.  Of those adults with the virus, around 20% suffer from shingles.  Without treatment shingles will last about three to four weeks.  Most people will experience a single outbreak of shingles, but approximately one percent will have recurring shingles.

Shingles Pictures

shingles pictures
shingles blister
shingles blister bursted
shingles rash on back
shingles rash blisters
shingles pictures

Shingles Pictures

Shingles will manifest itself along a ganglion of nerves and usually develops in bands as seen in pictures three through six.  The way it develops along the nerve line is apparent in the images.

Image number four shows  and advanced stage of shingles where the blisters have become milky and are ready to burst.  Image number five shows the freshly manifested blisters with a clear liquid, the first stage of the blisters.

Shingles itself is not contagious, but the fluid from a ruptured blister, as seen in these shingles pictures, is HIGHLY contagious and one should avoid contact with the fluid.  If you never had chickenpox, this could affect you.  If you have already had chickenpox, then the fluid would not be contagious to you and will not cause you to break out in shingles. You can read more on this on shingles causes.

Please check back often as we will add more shingles pictures as they become available.  Please do not use these shingles pictures to self diagnose your condition, but rather seek the option of a medical professional.